Hi. I’m Henry Kim.

I'm an experience designer skilled at sketching, wireframing, and prototyping. I love working in a collaborative environment where I can freely share my ideas as well as hearing others’ unique input on my design during the iteration process.

I get very excited about how technology can impact health and fitness as well as tear down boundaries between physical and virtual spaces. In my next role, I want to work on a larger in house team so that I can be more involved and collaborative in product iteration.


Some of the work I'm most proud of.


Reorganizing Smart Home Accessories for Faster Approach - Apple Home Case Study

Apple Home app works as a simple hub for many third-party accessories. However, when customers have too many of them, finding one trigger can be challenging. To solve the problem, I performed IDEO's Human Centered Design process to conduct research and prototyping.


Building an Augmented Reality app for exhibition

During a summer internship at Cortina Productions, our interns worked on an intern project in July. We imagined the exhibition where, because of financial or time limitation, some objects are replaced by augmented reality anchors and customers can use a tablet to view and interact with the virtual objects. Also, we created placeholders that turn into digital media, which customers can see photos, read articles, and watch videos that support the storytelling of the exhibition.


Ensuring quick and safe ride through UX - ReachNow Case Study

When I lived in Portland, OR, I got a chance to test a new type of ridesharing service; instead of calling for private drivers, I could reserve vehicles and drive by myself. Furthermore, these were available to drive on roads, and I could drop off anywhere I wanted within a service area, which fit their 'quick and safe trip' marketing. However, my experience was not as fast or secure, and I interviewed and prototyped to see how I could impact both.


Building Escape Room In Virtual Reality

Playing a room escape game in virtual reality could be more immersive than ones in physical space since a headset sends you to a whole new scene instantly and can interact with unlimited puzzles that may not be possible in real life. At the same time, our team had to tackle a few challenges to make sure the first timer, who never tried virtual reality and room escape, can easily understand the mechanics and solve puzzles. To do this, we introduced a friendly face.