Hello. My name is Kyeungbum "Henry" Kim.

Born and raised in Seoul South Korea, I was always curious about technology. When I got my first flip phone in elementary school, I remember discussing with a phone forum members just to learn more and utilize the device as much as I could.

When I finished the usability capstone in my last year at Oregon State University, a similar sparkle was happening in my head; before this class, I didn't know about the term "User Experience," but it felt right. I spent my 8-year technology journalism using the latest technology and reviewing mobile apps because I loved discussing the usability that could affect my life. Now I realized I could not only evaluate what's currently available, but design the future of interaction. I was blown away.

Since learning about this field, I was accepted to the master's of Digital Media at Georgia Tech and currently pursuing my goal to become an interaction designer. While I can brainstorm, visual design, and prototype simultaneously, I find the interaction design the most fascinating because I want the interactors to have the most appropriate experience for each case. I care about how much time it takes for them to finish a task. I analyze their behaviors and make sure their most used features are easily reachable with their thumbs. I want interactors to get their job done as soon as possible without much learning curve and unnecessary steps. 

I am confident I'm going to be a great designer, and I'm currently looking for a UX Design internship. If you are a recruiter, I would love to talk with you. :)