ReachNow is a car sharing service available in selected NW cities and New York run by BMW. When it launched in Portland, I got a chance to be one of early users driving around the city with their vehicles, and while the car was better than its competitor, car2go, I didn’t enjoy the app much; …

Wiper: The most customizable content blocker

Wiper, used to be “AdBlocK,” is a content blocker designed to block ads for Korean customers. However, it has very unique features which can attract users from other countries. After launching the initial version of “AdBlocK,” I started working with him to redesign the app and implement the new features. His app originally had few …

Concept: Drink Water

When I talked with a P.T. trainer about a month ago, he emphasized how important drinking “enough” water per day is and told me to drink at least 3L of water everyday. Seemed easy, but it wasn’t; 3L is a lot of water. To make this as a habit, I wanted to have a water …

B2M Apple Watch App

B2M is an experimental app my friend and I developed as a team. It’t a reader app of Back to Mac, a Korean blog talking about Apple, and my friend developed iPhone and Apple Watch app while I designed Apple Watch app’s UI. Designing Apple Watch UI was very interesting because there’s not much element …

Google Hackathon Entry: Hungry Students

Everyone loves free food. Especially college students. Our idea made finding free food much easier. For our Google Hackathon entry, we created an app, “Hungry Students.” The app used Google API to display map. Users, college students, can take a picture and upload to the app, then the app will show new hotspot for college …

Zimly iPad App

Nomad Connection, Inc. had an app called ‘Zimly,’ which allowed users to create their own streaming server with computers and stream contents such as music and video using the app, and the company was trying to develop iPad and iPhone app. I was hired for my English skill and blogging experience including Social Media. In …


Kyeungbum Kim a.k.a. Henry Kim

M.S. in Digital Media
Georgia Institute of Technology 2017 –

B.S. in Digital Communication Arts
Oregon State University 2010 – 2014

June 2015 –

Oregon State University
October 2014 – Dec 2014
UX Designer

Oregon State Advantage Accelerator
March 2014 – September 2014

Nomadconnection, Inc.
July 2011 – September 2011
UX Internship

For more work history, check my LinkedIn.