UX Design


Nomad Connection, Inc. in Seoul, South Korea gave me the first internship opportunity in 2011. When I first got hired, I was going to focus on social media marketing and English content for foreign business partners since he liked my journalism and studying broad experience. But, after my digital journalism experience and enthusiasm in mobile app design, I became a part of design team for an upcoming iPad streaming app, Zimly. 

Zimly was an app and service which used customers' computers as servers and let them stream whichever content they stored in their machines to mobile devices. At that time, an Android app was the only mobile app and they wanted to expand it to iPad. I was just at the right time as an intern and was able to learn how to do UX design in the field.

My roles:

  • Brainstorm theme and structure of iPad app.
  • Communicate with fellow designers and developers my ideas clearly.
  • Create low-fidelity mockup to designers and developers.

Design Process

For brainstorming, I went through which components to be displayed on a screen. After defining these, I tried to organize these components together. For instance, I wanted music controls to be at the bottom so I could control instantly while holding an iPad. Following Apple's Human Interface Guideline, I put the main menu at the bottom as well then located sub-level menu on the top. 

After delivering my work, I helped a graphic designer to create graphic assets as I kept creating sketched and mockups. There were many instances where I wanted certain features and developers told me it's impossible to implement during our idea discussion. I had very clear communication with them so we both could save time and find alternative ways if necessary.