Hungry Students

Hungry Students

UX Design


Hungry Students was created by two developer friends and myself during Google Hackathon at Oregon State University in 2014. The rule involved using Google Maps API, and we chose to create an app that users and see and post where free food was inside of the campus.

My role:

  • Communicated with developer friends for brainstorming and refining ideas.
  • Created low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups so my colleagues could start developing.
  • Created graphic assets used in an app.

Tools Used:

  • Fiftythree Paper (low-fidelity mockup)
  • Sketch (high-fidelity mockup)
  • PaintCode (graphic assets)

Since we had to create this app within 24 hours, we tried to implement key features: pins that showed where current free food was and a camera function which users could post the information. 

I used Fiftythree Paper for quick brainstorming and low-fidelity mockups on iPad. When the team agreed on basic ideas, I moved to Sketch to create high-fidelity mockups and graphic assets since I was the only designer. 

I also used PaintCode to create a camera button asset since, by doing this way, I could send a code to my colleagues instead of exporting image flies. Within the time period, we were able to create a main UI, camera function and pins on the map. The team communicated non-stop to reach this far and saved a lot of time by listing out options and discussing the best way to approach each obstacle.

With this project, we got the second place and free pizza. Good deal.