B2M Apple Watch App

UX Design


B2M is an Apple Watch app I and my developer friend created for a popular Apple blog "Back To the Mac" in South Korea. 

My roles:

  • Brainstormed and sketched low-fidelity mockups.
  • Communicated with a developer on design guidelines
  • Created graphic assets.

During the brainstorm, It was clear nobody was going to read an article on Apple Watch. I wanted this app to be a preview and a lead to iOS app naturally. I also wanted a functionality to add the article to "Reading List" on Safari or B2M iOS app so users can access the article even offline. 

Apple Watch has a small screen and I wanted to utilize it the best way possible. I thought about having a title and summary on the screen, but chose to go with a featured image with the title for visual aesthetics. After choosing to go with this idea, I tried to figure out how I'm going to multiple articles. I wanted the app to follow how Apple Watch utilizes gestures so I went to horizontal swipe. 

After done with low-fidelity prototype, I started working on some design assets. Finalized version includes buttons on Force Touch UI to send the article to iPhone, Add the article to a Saved box, Save to Reading List, or Delete from the feed.

B2M is available on App Store.