Concept: Drink Water

Concept: Drink Water

UX Design


While I was on diet, my personal trainer advised me to drink enough water, and when he said enough, it was least 3L of water everyday. That's a lot of water. To make this as a habit, I wanted to have a water tracker, and ones available at App Store are not satisfying enough. So I chose to create a concept based on this.

Main idea:

  • I want a simple app that shows how much water I’ve had and needed to drink more.
  • I also want the app to send a reminder to drink water. Highly customizable one.

There are couple ways I thought of recording water:

  1. #1 is probably a simple way; you can swipe up and down to record the water inside of the cup. I thought of just inputting number, but wanted this experience to be more interactive.
  2. #2 is definitely more complicated since I added one more step on recording process; before recording actual amount of water, users can choose a container then record. 
  3. The third part was originally meant to be a 3D Touch functionality, but I think this can be an actual UI for recording since it's very simple and can add an optional custom button for recording a specific amount of water.

Reminder is a feature why some people would actually want to use the app. I want to have either interval or specific time notifications so I can drink water when it's most suitable for me to.